Day 4 - West Hartford to Hartford to Bristol
Getting ready to depart from Holy Family
Having some fun before departing
Bob ready to depart
John Ryan ready to go
Claire and Tom Breen ready to go
Pam ready to go
Johnnie F ready to go
Wayne ready to go
Maureen ready to go
Leaving the parking lot heading to Chris Murphy's Office
Outside Senator Chris Murphy's Office Building
In Senator Murphy's Office
Bob delivering our our intro
Tom with his "Ask" on Minimum Wage
Claire with her "Ask" about SNAP
Lou with his "Ask" on Unemployment Insurance for long term unemployed
John with his "Ask" on Tax Reform
Kenny Curran listens
All of us in the Office
Lunch at Bushnell Park
On the way to Bristol

Coming up those hills
Riding on route 6
Taking a break 
Ready to go?
Heading to St. Vincent de Paul Mission
St. Vincent de Paul Mission
Interviewed outside of the Mission (shelter)
Being educated by Shelter staff
Fr. Joe at the Mission
Getting a tour of Shelter
Kids play area


Women's beds 
All outside the Mission 
St. Joseph Parish, Bristol
Taking a respite in the church
Bob starting our presentation
Good attendance
State Representative's Chris Wright and Frank Nicastro attended
Pam presenting
Claire presenting
Tom Presenting
John Ryan presenting
Johnnie F presenting
Inviting State reps to speak
State Reps speak
Our sleeping quarters in St. Joe's Rectory
Getting ready for our end of the day debrief